Extraction fan

Power: 135/150W
Air flow: 2400m3/h
Measurement: 458X400X180cm

Product Description

Why you should choose our extractor fan 

Many spray tanning operators perform applications in poorly ventilated conditions which causes the repeated inhalation of over–spray by the therapist & client, and contamination of the treatment room, creating a dirty, sticky and unhygienic environment.
Our extraction unit, have been designed to meet tomorrow’s legislation – offering excellent protection from the inhalation of atomised spray tan liquid. The unique extraction system works precisely with our HVLP spray tanning machine to draw overspray away from you and your client’s face to ensure you both breathe uncontaminated air. Consistently high levels of hygiene are easy to maintain with user friendly features like easy wipe surfaces and easily changeable filters.


Professional extraction unit for tanning

High efficiency centrifugal motor

Specialized construction design to form high wind pressure for big airflow in short time

Strong plastic house-with light weight

Washable multi layers of filter

Automatic shut off for safety protection

Big air flow and 2 speed for choice

Filter cover clip-easy for filter replacement

With carry handle for easy movement