Cup capacity:250ml

Nozzle size:0.5/0.7mm

Product Description

This Turbine Tanning system features DHA as the active ingredient to produce an attractive golden brown tan. DHA is an FDA approved nontoxic product that is a safe, reliable means of tanning without the potential health risks associated with exposure to UVA and UVB rays from the sun or other methods of tanning You are about to enjoy the great benefits of turbine spraying. Our designs are the result of many years experience in manufacturing turbine spray systems, and Turbine spray guns. Whether you are new to spraying, you have sprayed before, or are just new to turbine spraying, our equipment will help you to achieve the best results and optimum success.

Main Features (Spray Tan Machine)

Improved model with reliable fine mist spray pattern

Premium quality motor – much better than the system

HVLP spray gun with easy to clean detachable sprayer

3 adjustable spray patterns: round, vertical and horizontal

Adjustable gun with flow controls knob

Warm airflow to faster the drying time

Stainless steel needle,nozzle and aluminium air cap for fine misting and spray

Built-in heat function

Washable foam filter prevents internal damage

4 rubber feet for stable operation

BONUS spare cup